Mercury - Four Stroke Engines

Mercury - Four Stroke Engines

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Quality is – and always has been – a top priority for Mercury.
Their attention to quality gives you peace of mind with their
FourStroke engines. From the very first time you start it up
to your hundredth fishing trip and beyond, you can count on
the full range of Mercury FourStrokes. For nearly 20 years,
Mercury has been the world’s premier producer of four-stroke
power. Why? Because no one offers a more advanced, more
powerful array of four-stroke outboards than Mercury. They’ve
never been content producing basic, conventional four-stroke
engines. Instead, they’ve pioneered and patented electronic
fuel injection, and integrated it into their proven FourStroke
workhorses. All to bring an entirely new level of performance
to the four-stroke category. Whether you have a 2.5 for your
small fishing boat, a BigFoot for your pontoon, or a 115 for
your runabout, the key elements of quality are always there
for you. Their instant starts and clean, quiet operation. Their
flawless performance under almost any condition. Their durable
components and advanced technology. All together, these
elements combine to provide the engine security you not only
crave, but deserve.

Pontoonboats call for something more. That’s because from the
bottom up they’re designed for one purpose and one purpose
alone: to carry heavy loads. And BigFoot is the only outboard
in the world specifically designed to give pontoons the added
push they need. The hull of a traditional boat slices through the
water, allowing the engine to work in fairly undisturbed water.
But the twin tubes of a pontoon boat force turbulent water
toward the engine. So BigFoot’s larger gear case and propeller
offer better handling, maneuverability and performance. On a
traditional outboard, the propeller is too close to the surface.
The small antiventilation plate allows air to be drawn into the
prop. But BigFoot’s taller gear case means the prop sits lower
in the water. The oversized antiventilation plate keeps air away
from the prop. The result is greater thrust and maneuverability.

Model Description Key
M - Manual
L - Long Shaft (20”)
H - Tiller Handle Control & Steering
PT - Power Tilt and Trim
C - Counter Rotation
XL - Extra Long Shaft (25”)
O - Oil Injection
E - Electric Start
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

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