Contour - Commodore

Contour - Commodore

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Contour pedal boats are manufactured of high
quality, vacuum formed thermoplastics, either ABS or
Polyethylene. Both materials are formulated to have
long term resistance to Ultra Violet Rays (UV) as well
as the adverse effects of weather and some water
Standard Countour Features:
• Sealed hull and deck
• 6 paddle blades • Sealed, rust-proof ball bearings
• Joy-stick steering
• Positive buoyancy
• Built-in trolling motor mount
• Handle at each corner for easy handling & tie-down
• 2 Seater
• Fully adjustable seats
• High quality non-slip sand finish
• Storage box/cooler
• Storage behind seats

MAX Capacity: 700 lbs Safe Load: 550 lbs
Length: 92” Width: 58”
Weight: 110 lbs Material: ABS Plastic

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