Caviness - K-SERIES

Caviness - K-SERIES

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The K Series Kayak Paddle from Caviness® is available
in seven blade colors with a black, plastic-clad aluminum
shaft that extends fully into the blades’ length for internal
reinforcement. With our unique take-down coupling feature,
our kayak paddles can have the blades run parallel (in-line) or
they can be feathered 90 degrees by simply depressing the
spring-loaded button and turning the shaft 1/4 turn. Available
by the dozen or as singles. Each dozen will consist of two
cases of six. Each case of six must be of the same size and
color combination.

BG -Beige B - Black BL - Blue G - Green R - Red W - White Y - Yellow

K60 K60C K65 K65C K70 K70C K75 K75C K80 K80C K85 K85C K90 K90C

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