Caviness - 1000-SERIES

Caviness - 1000-SERIES

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The 1000 Series has a High Impact Plastic blade, fully plastic
clad shaft, and Mix N’ Match colors. This paddle is practically
maintenance-free and will withstand the normal abuse
encountered in the canoe or the white water raft. Available
in lengths 4’ through 5 1/2’ in 6” increments. Available by
the dozen or as singles. Each dozen will consist of two cases
of six. Each case of six must be of the same size and color

Approximate Blade Width: 8”
Shaft Diameter: 1 1/8”
Grip Type: Palm Grip ( P ) or T Style Grip ( T )

1040 1040C 1045 1045C 1050 1050C 1055 1055C

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