BIC - Beach 225D Windsurf

BIC - Beach 225D Windsurf


Beginner level windsurf boards have made considerable
progress in regards to their stability, but are nevertheless
frequently a bit fragile for the kind of intensive use they get.
Responding to the needs of windsurf clubs, BIC Windsurf
introduces the “Beach” line. It’s the result of an innovative mix
of technologies already to be found on BIC surf boards and
kayaks. Beach boards will therefore be very useful for windsurf
schools looking for good, solid, modern and easy to learn on

The Beach 175D is a great compromise board for medium
weight beginners. Quite long, it gives excellent glide in lighter
winds but is still very maneuverable.

Length: 9’4” // 2.85 m
Width: 31” // 78 cm
Weight: 32.8 lbs. // 14.9 kg
Volume: 175 L

The Beach 225 is the most easily accessible of the Beach
series. It will suit heavier weight beginners looking for a highly
stable board for learning in good, strong conditions.

Length: 9’6” // 2.90 m
Width: 35” // 90 cm
Weight: 37.3 lbs. // 16.9 kg
Volume: 225 L


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