American Sail - Aqua Finn

American Sail - Aqua Finn

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Designed for multi-person use, or family situations where a durable, simple sailing craft is desired. The ideal boat for training, rental, or resort use
with features not available in daysailers of this size and price range. The cockpit is large enough to accommodate two adults with an adjustable
hiking strap and an aft cockpit drain. The rudder is constructed of aluminum for durability, and includes a tiller, extension and rudder lift system to raise or lower the rudder blade from the cockpit. The hull design
features a high entry bow with a roll “v”, designed to lift the bow of the AQUA FINN through the waves and allow for greater performance. The hull is constructed of handlaid fiberglass utilizing a sandwich core of “coremat.” The seventy-five square foot multi-colored sail incorporates sail sleeves for both booms to achieve maximum sail pocket control. Offered in off white hull with multi-color accent striping and a choice of two sail colors.

Crew Capacity: 2-3 Adults (500lbs)
Length: 13’9” Beam: 4’2”
Draft: 4” Sail Area: 75 sq. ft.
Weight: 130 lbs Mast Height: 12’
Hull Material: Fiberglass w/ Foam Flotation
Deck Material: Polypropylene Black Mesh
Spars Material: Anodized Aluminum
Sail Colors: Fire Flame (White, Red, Yellow)
Wave (White, Dark Blue, Yellow)


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