Faber - Mountain Pro

Faber - Mountain Pro

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Weight (9x30 model): 4.30lbs // 1.90 kg
Max user weight (9x30 model): 250 lbs.

These new series of high mountain snowshoes are made of aluminum tubing 6061-T6 with a red powder coating finish. The shape of these frames features a curved rear end, minimizing the dragging effect when walking forward and increasing maneuverability when going backward. These series have a thermo plastic rubber decking “TPR’ specially formulated to resist to -40°c and treated against UV rays. Aplastic heel piece and aluminum crampons are riveted to the decking to increase traction. These snowshoes are equipped with a two lever ratchet buckles system binding and a toe box. The 3/4” aluminum claw, which is riveted to an urethane axle reinforced by nylon, gives the traction. This axle or pivot is recommended for walking in packed trails.

MP828 MP930 MP1036

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