Ultra Site - Assisted Leg Press

Ultra Site - Assisted Leg Press

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The Assisted Leg Press builds Core and Muscular Strength.  Featuring our Comfort Seat and Back Rest, Rubber Spring Resistance, and also hosts two assistance bars for providing a secure hold while entering and exiting the exercise equipment. The moving arm of the Assisted Leg Press is also specifically designed with a lower dip in the bar that is closer to the ground than the standard Leg Press which allows for an easier step over.

• Under control, push legs out without locking knees
• Rubber Spring Resistance resists equally to the amount of force  expended, adjusting to various fitness levels
• Support Bars feature a textured hand grip for added support
• The Comfort Seat and Back rest feature an 18” wide saddle, built in hand grips, and extra padding for comfort and support
• Steel construction with rust resistant coating

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