NatureROCKS - Play Elements

NatureROCKS - Play Elements

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NatureRocks® Play Elements are nature themed playground equipment pieces that bring active, imaginative, and nature play to any park, playground or trail. Children hop, walk, jump, and climb from boulder to stump to log. While developing balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and problem-solving skills, they’re having fun! Each piece is artfully hand painted to resemble real tree stumps with wood grain and bark finishes. Constructed of glass fiber reinforced concrete for durability and longevity. NatureROCKS Play Elements are IPEMA certified and meet ASTM standards for playground equipment. When installing, be sure to follow installation instructions to ensure proper placement.

ECTS01 - Tree Stumps - Set of 3

ECTB02 - 8’ Fallen Tree Balance Beam

ECLT03 - 6’ Log Tunnel

ECBB04 - 6’ Half Log Balance Beam

ECLB05 - 6’ Log Bench

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