Ultra Site - Leg Extension

Ultra Site - Leg Extension

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The Leg Extension has an iso-kinetic spring resistance coil  that is activated to provide strength fitness. It is similar to indoor exercise machines in gyms and fitness centers. Highly strengthening and a perfect complement to the Leg Press. Strengthens leg muscles while increasing muscular endurance. Users of the Leg Extension should place their backs firmly against the backrest and legs under center of leg pads. Using  control they should push legs out without locking knees and return slowly to starting position.

• Under control, push legs out without locking knees
• Isokinetic spring resistance creates a higher level fitness experience for the user
• Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment
• Steel construction with rust resistant coating
• Heavy duty, vandal resistant housings

AF1690 AF1691 AF1692

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