Dog-On-It - S-Tunnel with Pipe Arches

Dog-On-It - S-Tunnel with Pipe Arches

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S-Tunnels (aka Crawl Tunnels) are one of the most fun of all the activities — as your dog completely disappears from sight for a moment. Yet your dog can still see the exit when he enters the tunnel. The careful arrangement of our tunnels in an S-shape prevents dogs from becoming scared or stopping in what they perceive as a dead end.

• Two styles of end supports include a 48-inch-tall solid polyethylene panel, precision-machined into a doghouse shape, or 1” galvanized pipe formed into a “U” shape.
• Pipe supports feature baked-on polyester powder-coat finish for maximum resistance to corrosion from urine.
• Each rotationally molded polyethylene tube section measures 27” in diameter to allow a wider range of dogs to use the tunnels.
• A non-skid material is embedded within the oversized tube for a lifetime of slip resistance.

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