Dog-On-It - Pet Parking Post

Dog-On-It - Pet Parking Post


The Pet Parking Post is a hitching post where you can “park” your dog until you are ready to play. When you enter the dog park, you may be carrying jackets, purses, bags with dog treats, water bottles, ball throwers, and more. The Pet Parking Post allows you to park your dog for a moment
to get everything organized before releasing your dog from the leash.

• The Pet Parking Post is constructed from an extra heavy 2 3/8” O.D. galvanized steel post with two solid steel hitching arms welded directly to the post. Each 3/4”-thick arm is capped with 1 1/2” spherical balls.
• The post is topped with an attractive color-contrasting cast-aluminum finial.
• The “Pet Parking” sign is precision-machined from multicolored solid polyethylene and bolted to the post with stainless steel hardware.


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