Dog-On-It - Dog Waste Receptacle

Dog-On-It - Dog Waste Receptacle


This special Pet Waste Receptacle is designed so users can conveniently toss bags of dog waste inside, and is clearly marked for pet waste only. Waste receptacles from Dog-ON-it Parks are easy to maintain, and help to hide trash and pet waste from dogs, birds, squirrels, and other wildlife.

• Waste Receptacles are made of heavy gauge perforated steel that is hot-dipped in a bath of vinyl, coating the steel to seal it from rust and   corrosion.
• Receptacles are red with a blue liner and are topped by blue lids that feature vinyl graphics.
• Powder-coated steel lid includes special labeling, “Pet Waste Only.”
• Smaller than standard receptacles, the Pet Waste Receptacle has a 22-gallon capacity so that it does not become too heavy for maintenance staff to handle.
• Receptacle can be semi-portable, or the frame has holes for anchor-bolting the receptacle to a concrete slab or footing. (Anchor bolts are not included.)


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