Mason Dixon - Towable Smoker

Mason Dixon - Towable Smoker

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Towable Smoker

2 models available - TGMDTS1600 has 1600 Square Inches of Cooking Surface. TGMDTS2500 has 2500 Square Inches of Cooking Surface.

• Barrel Style Smoker
• ¼” Thick, P&O Steel Offset Firebox
• Warming rack w/ (3) Shelves
• Sealed Drip Pan
• Water Smoker Capability
• Stainless Steel Grates
• E-Z Open Positive Latches
• Heavy Duty Grease Trough and Spigot
• Expanded Metal Wood Box
• 30” Expanded Metal Shelf
• E-Z Lube Hubs
• Full DOT Kit with Lights
• Swing-up Marine Wheel Jack
• High Temp Paint Finish
• Channel Iron Frame

TGMDTS1600 Towable Smoker-1600 sq. in.

S16-C Cover for TGMDTS1600

S16-TPSST Treadplate SS Trim Pkg

S16-SSGS Extra SS Grate in Smoker

S16-CGP Slideout Charcoal Basket

S16-ST Spare Tire

TGMDTS2500 Towable Smoker-2500 sq. in.

S25-C Cover for TGMDTS2500

S25-TPSST Treadplate SS Trim Pkg

S25-SSGS Extra SS Grate in Smoker

S25-CGP Slideout Charcoal Basket

S25-ST Spare Tire

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