Mason Dixon - Mason Dixon 5’ Grills

Mason Dixon - Mason Dixon 5’ Grills

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Mason Dixon 5’ Grills

This Mason Dixon brand grill is solidly constructed and value priced to be perfect for commercial applications. Gas version has 3 loop-style burners. Both feature adjustable grate, swivel casters, and removable legs. Grill body is 60”W x 24”D x 4”T.

GG60PC 60” Gas Grill, Powder Coat finish

CG60PC 60” Charcoal Grill, Powder Coat finish

CG60SS 60” Charcoal Grill, Stainless Steel finish

CG60T Cover for 60” Grills

CG60LPC Lid for Powder Coat 60” Grills

CG60LSS Lid for Stainless Steel 60” Grills

CG60GP Griddle Plate for 60” Grills

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