Mason Dixon - Mason Dixon 5’ Grills

Mason Dixon - Mason Dixon 5’ Grills

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Mason Dixon 5’ Grills

This Mason Dixon brand grill is solidly constructed and value priced to be perfect for commercial applications. Gas version has 3 loop-style burners. Both feature adjustable grate, swivel casters, and removable legs. Grill body is 60”W x 24”D x 4”T.

GG60PC 60” Gas Grill, Powder Coat finish $1,935.00

CG60PC 60” Charcoal Grill, Powder Coat finish $1,058.00

CG60SS 60” Charcoal Grill, Stainless Steel finish $1,619.00

CG60T Cover for 60” Grills $80.00

CG60LPC Lid for Powder Coat 60” Grills $334.00

CG60LSS Lid for Stainless Steel 60” Grills $467.00

CG60GP Griddle Plate for 60” Grills $314.00

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