Tippman- TIP-X Pistol

Tippman- TIP-X Pistol


The new TiPX® .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol boasts an innovative, compact design, specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable, and best of all, dependable.

• Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull
• Self-Locking 7 Ball Magazine Clips
• Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System
• Easy To Load 1/4 Turn C02 Cap
• External Velocity Adjuster
• Internal Regulator
• Ability to Add Remote Line
• Removable Barrel with X7® Threads
• Maintenance kit is included
• Deluxe carrying case is included

Caliber: 0.68 cal Action: Semi-automatic
Hopper Capacity: 7-ball Magazine
CO2 Capable: 12g Power: CO2
Feed Rate: 8bps Capable Gases: CO2
Firing Rate: 8bps Trigger: Standard
Barrel Length: 6 1/4” Length: 10 7/8” long
Weight: 1lb 11oz Effective Range: 150+ ft

T120001 - Tip-X

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