Tippman - FT-12 Fliptop Rental Marker

Tippman - FT-12 Fliptop Rental Marker


Tippmann is advancing its leadership position in the paintball rental market with the introduction of its FT-12 Flip-Top Rental, a groundbreaking new marker with modular internals that can be serviced in less than 60 seconds without tools. This new-look marker has been specially engineered to reduce maintenance time by as much as 75 percent and maintain Tippmann’s legendary durability. The marker’s patent-pending design makes gaining access to internals significantly easier – simply remove the barrel, unscrew the collar and flip the top. No tools are required. Once inside, the modular layout of the FT-12 allows for incredibly fast and worry-free access to all key parts. Other significant features incorporated into the FT-12 include the following:

• An easy to remove modular trigger assembly that is designed to help reduce pin wear
• A top non-cycling A-5 style cocking handle with builtin cover to keep dirt and debris out of the marker
• A new lockdown feedneck which keeps moisture from entering the breech
• A 1.5 inch blade trigger with a short pull for faster firing and a more responsive feel
• An 8.5 inch high-performance barrel for greater accuracy
• A built-in sight and offset feedneck for easier targeting
• An internal gasline, offering an enhanced look while minimizing the potential for gasline damage
• A recessed safety, which is easier for first-time time players to engage
• A riveted-on nameplate
• A smaller ergonomic grip for enhanced comfort
• Yellow grip cheeks for quick visual identification
• Two year limited warranty

Caliber: 0.68 cal
Action: Semi-automatic (open bolt blow back)
Power: Compressed Gases
Hopper Capacity: 200 Paintballs
Feed Rate: Cyclone Feed System - 15 BPS
Capable Gases: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
Firing Rate: 8 BPS (EST.)
Trigger: Manual
Barrel Length: 8.5 inches
Length: 20 inches
Weight: 3.11 lbs. (without tank)
Effective Range: 150+ ft

T145001 - Set of 5 markers, Hoppers and Maintenance packs

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