Eureka! - Vista Frame Tents

Eureka! - Vista Frame Tents

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Whether your customer wants to brighten up a backyard birthday party, stand out from a row of hum-drum craft fair stalls or show their spirit by showing their company or school colors at an outdoor event . . . Set their sights on the Eureka! Vista tent. Features patentpending SwivelMate corner bracket that both simplifies installation and extends the life of the tent’s top material - time tested for one-person set-up in under 15 minutes!* The Vista 20’ x 20’ comes with Eureka’s renowned Twin Tube® frame system for added durability whether the tent is up, in storage or in transit. Order in one of 20 eye-catching colors for added festive flexibility.

TOPS: • One-Piece Tops • White Blockout or Translucent • Colored stripes, Clear Stripes and Solid Color Tents - over 20 specialty colors available

• Cross-cable supported “floating” center pole that eliminates standing center poles and creates open and unobstructed interior space
• 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ feature all 2” aluminum tubing
• 15’x15’, 20’x20’ and 20’x30’ come standard with Eureka!’s Twin Tube frame system. Combining the versatility of traditional 2” tube with the structural integrity of a box beam, Twin Tube is constructed of seamless, extruded structural aluminum alloy with an anodized finish to enhance appearance and prevent corrosion.
• 20’x20’ and 20’x30’ available with optional splice kit
• Works with existing 2” and Twin Tube tubing already in your inventory

Vista Packages


• Top
• Frame
• Ratchet assembly, cable sets, pulley bar
• Floating center pole
• Base plates
• Swivel Mate corner brackets, standard corner brackets and other associated hardware
• Stakes

Solid Colors (Call to specify)


VIS1010C- 10’ X 10’ Solid Color

VIS1515C- 15’ X 15’ Solid Color

VIS2020C- 20’ X 20’ Solid Color

White Block-out

VIS1010B- 10’ X 10’ White Block-Out

VIS1020B- 10’ X 20’ White Block-Out

VIS1515B- 15’ X 15’ White Block-Out

VIS2020B- 20’ X 20’ White Block-Out

VIS2030B- 20’ X 30’ White Block-Out

White with Stripes

VIS1010S- 10’ X 10’ White w/Striped

VIS1515S- 15’ X 15’ White w/Striped

VIS2020S- 20’ X 20’ White w/Striped



RETRO10 Retrofit Kit - Hardware Only

RETRO15 Retrofit Kit - Hardware Only

RETRO20 Retrofit Kit - Hardware Only

2454040 Vista 10” Rain Gutter

2454042 Vista 15” Rain Gutter

2454045 Vista 20” Rain Gutter

5574012 Vista 10” Poke Up Rod

5574018 Vista 15” Poke Up Rod

5574014 Vista 20” Poke Up Rod

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