Eureka! - Elite Sectional Canopy

Eureka! - Elite Sectional Canopy

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Great for your high-capacity outdoor event business! The Elite® offers customers who are planning mid- to large-sized outdoor gatherings spacious and sophisticated interiors - available in 20’, 30’, 40’, 50’ or 60’ widths. Available in a variety of the most popular sizes, the Elite features a spacious interior and sweeping roof that adds glamour, style and floor space to any event. An additional splash of color is optional. As always with Eureka! tents, the Elite is a cinch to install with our complete selection of interchangeable components. When the resulting event is special, you know it must be Elite... only from Eureka! Perfect for seasonal rentals to golf courses, parks, hotels and other rental customers! Also Available in massive 50’ and 60’ widths! Call for more information on these larger sizes. 800.826.0446

• 2-piece sectional tops lace together and into mid-sections
• 14-16 oz. White Blockout standard
• Translucent and Colored Stripe available
• Sidewall rope permanently installed
• All Elite tops come with storage bags

• Side poles are 7’ or 8’ standard and are available in aluminum and wood
• Easily upgrade to keder side poles for use with keder sidewalls
• Standard aluminum center poles
• Uses ropes and carabiners, or 1” web and ratchet system for tension during installation

• Top (White blockout, Translucent, White with colored stripes, or Solid color)
• Side Poles (7 ft aluminum)
• Center Pole (sectional)
• Stakes • Durable Storage Bag

SEPT3030 30’ x 30’ Package with 2 pc top, 36” Stakes
SEPT15MID 15’ Mid Package with 36” Stakes
SEPT3045 30’ x 45’ Package with 3 pc top, 36” Stakes
SEPT3060 30’ x 60’ Package with 4 pc top, 36” Stakes
SEPT3075 30’ x 75’ Package with 5 pc top, 36” Stakes
SEPT3090 30’ x 90’ Package with 6 pc top, 36” Stakes
SEPT4040 40’ x 40’ Package with 2 pc top, 42” Stakes
SEPT20MID 20’ Mid Package with 42” Stakes
SEPT4060 40’ x 60’ Package with 3 pc top, 42” Stakes
SEPT4080 40’ x 80’ Package with 4 pc top, 42” Stakes
SEPT40100 40’ x 100’ Package with 5 pc top, 42” Stakes
SEPT40120 40’ x 120’ Package with 6 pc top, 42” Stakes

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