Eureka! - Capri Party Canopy

Eureka! - Capri Party Canopy

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Capri is a fresh, innovative and elegant way to transform any backyard into a stylish party atmosphere. Capri’s modern, spacious design is dramatically different than any other canopy on the market today. Using taller sidepoles and centerpoles with fabric reaching out to all stake points, the Capri offers more space, feels bigger and provides better weather protection. Available in a variety of sizes including 20’x20’, 20’x30’, 28’x28’, 28’x38’. Optional Capri sidewalls have a zippered door opening. Sidewalls hang from sidewall rope installed inside each tent. The unique design allows for fewer stakes, poles and ropes. For your installation crew — or your do-it-yourself customers — that means far easier installation and smoother movement within and around the tent.
• White Blockout or Translucent
• Sidewall rope permanently installed
• Capri fabric reaches out to all stake points

• 3-piece, sectional aluminum side poles
• Center poles are 4-piece sectional aluminum
• Carry bags for tops and for all sectional aluminum poles

Any size Capri can be easily set up in less than 25 minutes using a 5-step procedure:
1. Find the stakeplate locations with the staking guide. (Spool with color loops)
2. Drive the stakes into the stakeplates.
3. Unfold the tent & attach the rings to the stakeplates
4. Insert the sidepoles.
5. Insert the centerpoles.

Packages • Top • Poles • Ropes • Stakes

CAP2020W 20´ x 20´ White - Package
CAP2020B 20´ x 20´ White Blockout - Package
CAP2030W 20´ x 30´ White - Package
CAP2030B 20´ x 30´ White Blockout - Package
CAP2828W 28´ x 28´ White - Package
CAP2828B 28´ x 28´ White Blockout - Package
CAP2838W 28´ x 38´ White - Package
CAP2838B 28´ x 38´ White Blockout - Package
CAPSWW15 Capri White Vinyl Laminate 15’ Sidewall
CAPSWW19 Capri White Vinyl Laminate 19’ Sidewall
CAPSWW20 Capri White Vinyl Laminate 20’ Sidewall
CAPSWW28 Capri White Vinyl Laminate 28’ Sidewall
CAPSWC15 Capri Clear Vinyl 15’ Sidewall
CAPSWC19 Capri Clear Vinyl 19’ Sidewall
CAPSWC20 Capri Clear Vinyl 20’ Sidewall
CAPSWC28 Capri Clear Vinyl 28’ Sidewall

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